Here you can find samples of my work in the fields of Illustration and Animation


By clicking on any image, you can switch to presentation viewing mode. All of the following artwork was drawn from my imagination and personal inspiration. I never copy or trace other artists’ work. Except for a few well-known characters like Spiderman and Superman, most of the illustrations below also contain original concepts and characters.


Samples of my work from the books “Mathematics for Economists”, “Finance” & “Differential Equations” for a major Greek publisher of University books.


Covers of the ACSTAC booklets in 2013, 2014, 2016. ACSTAC stands for Anatolia College Science and Technology Annual Conference, which is an international student conference for science and technology.


These are some samples of original characters I have designed.


Original artwork inspired by popular characters (Spiderman, Superman, One Piece and Dragonball Z)


Caricatures of teachers of mine, celebrities and some sample rough sketches.


This section contains some extracurricular animations I created alongside my University studies in Computer Science.

Kissing Hearts

The Runner – Short Animation

A short animation celebrating the 30 years since the creation of the “The Runner”, the famous glass statue by Costas Varotsos, which stands in front of the Hilton hotel in Athens, Greece. Animation concept and production by Vlasis Gogousis.

Last Notes

The moon rises and a broken man wanders through the fog, his heart heavy. For he is not alone, something inhuman lurks in the shadows, a devilish creature that plagues the dark corners of both the town and the man’s memories. Music will lure the beast, but only the decisions of a heartbroken man will…

The Commute

The Commute is a group project that a team of 5 students (including myself) put together for an assignment during the Master’s course in 3D Computer Animation at Bournemouth University. The animation obviously has flaws, but I wanted to share this as a pivotal moment for the team, as all of us were pretty much new…

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

This is my first actual 3D animation ever! It was for our first animating assignment in the MA 3D Animation program at Bournemouth University. The purpose was to animate a ball undergoing emotional changes in under 500 frames (20 seconds).

The Spectacular Billy Bob Thornton

A stunning stunts performer from the future, Billy Bob Thornton, the Spectacular, never fails to amaze his audience! This was my second animating assignment for the 3D Animation Master’s course at Bournemouth University. The purpose was to create an animation sequence with this specific character, named Billy Bob Thornton, overcoming an obstacle of a sort…

Walk Cycle

This is a walk cycle I made in an animating assignment for the 3D Animation Master’s course at Bournemouth University. The purpose was to create an animation cycle with this specific character.

Centaur Animation

Just a doodle of a juvenile centaur shooting arrows at mythical creatures.

Patent “GoBridge”

Animations that demonstrate a case usage of the international patent “GoBridge”, a rigid telescopic mechanism developed by Dr. Aristides Gogoussis.

Physics Educational Animations

A series of educational animations for Physics. Created for a friend’s doctoral thesis concerning physical phenomena and the education of Physics.

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